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Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Opener

Don't you want to enjoy your garage door opener for many more years? Trust the capacity of our professionals to offer great service

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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

Our service technicians can balance garage door springs efficiently and will make sure that your door works perfectly right after.

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Garage Door Company

Garage Door Company

Our team is excellent in the replacement and installation of overhead garage doors and their parts and is fast when components are broken

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Garage Door Cables & Tracks

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Garage Door Cables & TracksWhen you are looking for outstanding Garage Door Cables & Tracks service; you won’t find any door company quite like our Garage Door Repair Hyde Park.  We are considered to be specialists in cables & tracks service; but in fact we are specialists at every garage door service we provide for the wonderful residents of Hyde Park.  Our contractor is highly skilled with cables & tracks though.  So if your cable snapped give our tech a call.  If you notice that a cable loose just let us know.  If your cable came off the drum we can put it back on.  Don’t let a broken cable get you down for long because our techs can fix it quickly.  They will replace garage track and repair bent door track quickly and effectively.  Just call us today.

At Hyde Park Garage Door Repair we are masters of the door spring service as well.  Our broken spring repair and replacement service is ranked very high in our community.  We carry the torsion spring for heavy doors, the extension spring for lighter doors and you can get them both in galvanized springs that will last a lifetime.  These springs are mounted differently for the leverage they need.  Without proper maintenance springs can erode from wear and tear and break.  These springs have to be wound very tight and are extremely dangerous.  Call one of our seasoned pros to conduct this service properly.

We decided long ago if we were going to sell door openers and offer repair, replacement, installation, and opener troubleshooting; that it would have to be the best in Hyde Park.  Our service has lived up to ours and our customers expectations.  We offer very reliable brands like:

  •           Genie opener in Hyde Park
  •           Liftmaster opener in Hyde Park
  •           Sears opener in Hyde Park
  •           Craftsman opener in Hyde Park
  •           Chamberlain opener in Hyde Park
  •           Marantec opener in Hyde Park

You can get an opener in a chain drive in Hyde Park, screw drive in Hyde Park, or belt drive motor in Hyde Park.  They range from the noisiest to the loudest in that same order. Call one of our garage door pros to assist you with this garage door service.

Many garage door repairs could be avoided if everyone took advantage of our garage door maintenance & adjustment service.  Our regularly lubrication and maintenence is the best in the land because it covers every inch of your garage door system.  Better to pay a little now; then a lot later on costly repair bills.

Our remote service is very dependable.  Our door techs are highly qualified to repair, replace or install your door remote.  We provide the best names in the business like Genie Intellicode opener, Liftmaster Security Plus opener, Clicker opener, and Multi Code opener.  To avoid any costly errors or mishaps; let one of our seasoned door techs do this for you.

Our replacement and installation service is pretty amazing too.  Our experienced techs are masters at replacing  door windows and garage doors in a fast, proficient manner.  Beyond our expert craftsmanship; we also make sure that we have a great choice of doors ranging in various styles, designs and materials.  We have wood doors, aluminum doors, steel doors, craftsman doors, and glass doors.

We are quite proud of our garage door repair service.  We offer emergency garage door repair service 24/7.  In addition we offer same day service as well.  We want our customers to always have access to help.  Here are some of the problems our techs can help with:

  •           Door off track in Hyde Park
  •           Broken release in Hyde Park
  •           Replace section in Hyde Park
  •           Weather strip in Hyde Park
  •           Bottom rubber in Hyde Park

Our garage door techs are ready to solve any garage door repair problem you may have.

Glass garage doors are steadily increasing the curb appeal of Hyde Park.  These doors offer a touch of modern freshness that cannot be denied.  They are strong and they look great.  The sunshine through the glass can help warm the garage and provide free natural light.  You should really consider letting our techs install one for you.

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