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Garage Door Opener

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Chain Drive Garage Door Openers

01/21/2017 Back To Blog

The chain drive garage door opener is one of several types of openers in available today. This type of opener tends to be less expensive than other types. They are sold, along with other types, in most home improvement stores such as Home Depot and Lowes, as well as some department stores such as Sears and Wal-Mart, and on online retailers such as Amazon.Chain Drive Garage Door Openers

What is a chain drive?

A chain drive system means that a long chain, similar to a long bicycle chain but more heavy duty, runs from the opener motor down the opener track and back again. The trolley (the part that connects to the top of the garage door and pulls the door open) connects to this long chain. When the opener operates, the chain is moved by the motor, and the trolley which is connected to the chain opens or closes the door.

Maintenance for chain drive openers

A chain drive opener will last for many years with proper maintenance. You can avoid some problems and more costly repairs with regular inspection and maintenance. Symptoms such as the opener making a loud or unusual noise, the door binding or stopping and starting while opening or closing, the door shaking or bouncing, are all potential indicators of an issue requiring maintenance. Consider putting regular maintenance on your calendar to complete once or twice a year. Remember to unplug or otherwise disable the opener so that it does not accidentally get engaged while you are performing maintenance.

Check for loose hardware

As a garage door opener operates, it causes some vibration. This vibration can lead to some hardware working itself loose. If pieces get too loose, they can fall or twist, leading to serious damage. You should periodically inspect your system for anything loose. You can check the nuts and bolts of the opener system and the garage door hardware to be sure that they are tight.

Clean and lubricate the chain

Over time the chain may collect dust or dirt, which can interfere with normal operation or even cause the chain to slip or come off in worst-case scenarios. Inspect the chain for dirt or grime and clean it if anything is found. Use a spray lubricant designed for garage doors to lubricate the chain; these lubricants are found at most hardware retailers. In addition to lubricating the chain, you should lubricate the door moving parts and springs. Regular lubrications will extend the life of the moving parts, and lead to a door that opens more smoothly and quietly.

Check the chain limit

The chain limit adjusts the amount of slack in the chain. Through normal use, the chain will stretch some. Inspect the chain to see if there is any slack in it. If there is slack, find the limit screw or knob on the opener motor. Turn the limit screw to adjust the chain so that it is just taut enough that there is no slack.

Need help?

A chain drive garage door opener can be installed by an experienced do-it-yourselfer with some help. However, we do recommend getting a professional to help you out, in order to avoid accidents. If you would like someone else to perform these tasks, contact our garage door repair company to have an experience professional handle the tasks.

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